Bottom 100 DJs

You’ve got questions about why we created the Bottom 100 DJs? Well we’ve got answers courtesy of our friends THUMP. Ask your additional questions in the comments and we'll respond to as many as we can:

Q: How did you guys get the idea of making this parody website?
A: We're not even sure it's a parody! I mean, maybe it is sort of. Everybody is hating and making fun of DJ Mag 100 so this was the natural answer to that. But we also really wanted to see who would win this kind of contest.

Q: Beyond getting lots of LOLs, what do you hope is the effect of
A: We hope to establish it as an annual award. We want it to grow!

Q: DJ Mag's poll allows DJs to buy banner ads that show up next to the voting page. I noticed that emphasizes this practice as well, but with "DJs" like Al Walser, Paris Hilton, etc. What is your message behind this?
A: No message at all really. Just to give people an idea about the award. And it was kind of fun too. But we got votes for all kinds of DJs so they didn't really matter.

Q: Do you think DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs poll is a fair competition? What do you think about accusations that it's a pay-to-play system?
A: No, we don't think it's fair. But hey, life isn't fair. Deal with it.

Q: What is the impact of DJ Mag's poll on the dance music industry? Do you take it seriously?
A: It's probably important for certain kind of DJs but not really for us. So no, we don't take it seriously. Or actually we take it serious enough to start our own award!

Q: Did you guys legitimately count all of the votes? or was it more of a pre determined thing?
A: All votes was counted, not by us but by a computer

Q: Why is Deadmau5 first?... And Paris Hilton second?
A: The voting was open for everyone, so the result is that.

Q is there a legitimate list where it is not based on popularity, actual talent?
A: America's Got Talent TV show?

Q: Aren't u surprised that deadmau5 won?
A: Deadmau5 got the most Lovers and Haters in the industry! Which is amazing

Q: Do you really think deadmau5 deserves to be on 16th spot after that brilliant album while 1<2? A: It’s a lot of artists that deserves to be both higher and lower on that chart. We created the bottom100djs, it's more fun! Q: Why don't you think DJ Mag is fair? A: It's pretty clear that you can achieve higher ranking by purchasing banners etc on the voting page etc. But since it's open for everyone to purchase banners it's fair? or? Q: Who would you vote for the bottom 100 DJs? A: We voted for Dada Life! Bottom100DJS