The brand new Dada Life remix of Martin Solveig's "Hello" is out now on Beatport!

Click here to listen and buy

Our remix of Kaskades bomb Dynasty is out now. Get it at Beatport here!

Don't fall when shaking your feet to the pitchbend beat. It's dangerous having fun.

It's getting harder and harder to pick the top fan remixes. We get more stuff sent to us. And it's better and better.

Anyway, here are the top 10 remixes right now. The winner this time is Russian DJ/producer Zifra. Good stuff.

We have also uploaded the samples to our latest single. So let's get BLEEPED tonight!

We've received a lot of remixes the last couples of weeks. Which makes it harder (and more fun) to pick the best tunes. Here is our top ten right now.

There are over 50 remixes right now. (And we don't even remember how many we've received from the start...but probably hundreds.) It's great, but it also means that the page is getting slower.

We'll fix. That's a promise!

Sorry for the language, but we've received a shitload of remixes from you. That means it's getting harder and harder to select the best ones.

After that short introduction... click here to check out the top ten remixes since last time.

Here are the top ten remixes sent to us the last couple of weeks. And for you that didn't make the list - go ahead and give the sounds a spin again.

We'll also release new tunes very soon - so check back for more samples.

We have a couple of new remixes out there (and some will be released in the next few days). Almost simultaneously! Like a conspiration or something...

Check remixes of: "Aurora" by Alex Gopher, "Der Mond" by Moonbootica, "Stone Fox Chase" by Kut & Swel and "Break the House Down" by Laidback Luke.

They have all been touched by our dirty fingers.