The Dada Land Consulate Houston

Citizens of Dada Land! We are proud to announce the grand opening of the Dada Land Consulate Houton TONIGHT! Want to gain entry? We've hidden invitations all around the city, here are all the locations:

1. Toyota Center -> In bushes in front of box office ->
2. Art Car Museum -> Left side of building ->
3. Downtown Aquarium -> In crevice next to ATM atrium ->
4. Lankford's Grocery Market -> Side of building, behind air conditioning unit ->
5. Lakewood Church -> If you circle around the church, its in the flower bed facing 59 right under the sign ->
6. Williams Tower -> Bench on the right side of the park ->
7. Rice University -> Sunset and Main, right under the rice sign in the bush ->

Good luck!

PS – Anyone who finds an invite will also receive a pair of tickets to our SOLD OUT Dada Land Compound tonight at Stereo Live. Already have tickets? We'll make sure you're a VIP Citizen this evening then 🙂