Dada Land Independence Day - Melbourne

Austalian Citizens of Dada Land! Here are all the locations of the flags hidden around the city:

1. The Victorian Arts Centre -> Base of the tram ->
2. Federation Square -> Front restaurant right, in letterbox ->
3. Flinders St Train station -> Behind advertisement ->
4. St Paul's Cathedral -> Back staircase, behind stairs ->
5. The Forum Theatre -> Under bin out front ->
6. Parliament House -> Up the steps left behind big lamppost on the left ->
7. Pellegrini's Bourke Set -> Behind counter on the shelf ->
8. Bourke St Mall -> Left in the walk arcade with the 1st cafe on the left called star walk cafe ->
9. State Library of Victoria -> Left at reception ->
10. Melbourne Central Shopping Centre -> Left at the market stall in front of the famous shot tower ->
11. Queen Victoria Market -> Left under sign behind drain pipe on the corner Elizabeth St/Victoria St entrance ->
12. Melbourne Magistrates Court -> Left on the sign on William street ->
13. Southern Cross Train Station -> V Line, under advertisement ->
14. Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium ->
15. Crown Casino Complex -> Under plant out front ->
16. Eureka Tower -> In front of entrance, behind bin ->
17. Southbank Promenade -> Red stage southbank near crown, under sandbag under the Bank of Melbourne umbrella ->

Remember one person who finds a flag will also receive the first ever DADA LAND PASSPORT! Go go go!!!