Dada Life Listens To Your Demos!

First batch of tracks and we are really surprised! In general the production quality is really high. But worse with originality… keep them coming!!!
If your song is mentioned, please feel free to add a link to it in the comments so people can listen, we didn't want to offer a download of your tracks unless you were ok with it!

Best track: Stedd & Numca - Hamlet
Weirdest track: Mizaria - Pessimism
The champagne and banana stomp award: Jacob Van Hage - Synthomanic (Non Vocal Mix)
Best stops: Jibberdee - Slowpoke (Original Mix)
Best harmonies: Man-T - Something new (original mix)

T4RGET - Orionis (Original mix)
"Really strange structure. We could never play something like this. Sounds fat and is well produced though. Swooshy sounds. Would fit in Terminator 5."

Adranight - Beyond The Night (Original Mix)
"First get the limiter right. The stabs need to be EQ:ed heavily. Our ears bleeding right now. Other than that it's kind of nice."

"Nice groove, but it died. Probably file corrupt. Or too avant-garde for us."

Wildlife - Darren Porter (Orinigal Mix)
"Proper trance. Like going back to the 90:s. But we're not sure if we're ready for that time machine. Really good production, but is lacking in originality. Nice harmonies, but nothing special."

United Tastes - Subway (original mix)
"Nice production and rhythm. Way too long for our taste. We keep it maximum 5 minutes."

Stedd & Numca - Hamlet
"Great chords and a mad bass-line. A winner if nothing better comes along! After the second break it should go back into the bass-line part. Not the bleepy boring part. We will probably make an edit of this and play it. "

Simbiltronx1000 - Yoda_s Hat Of Secrets
"The first 15 seconds was promising. The rest was…well, the rest."

Shaun Ellis - Jay Walking (Poizone mix)
"Too limited. In ideas and sound. We always like a goingy bass, but it has be done with style."

SAL ft Simon Merza - Nocha (Original Mix)
"It's really good produced, but we don't understand this genre. It's for 8 AM and at that point we're sleeping."

Pedro Vazquez Garcia - Oh Yes
"Exceeder by Mason with a chopped vocal. We want to hear new tunes."

Neofuse - Neolegend (Violet Reedit)MasterVers01
"It had potential with the saw bass line but all the swooshes and dolphin sounds just made it wash away like the ocean. Focus on one thing instead of trying to get everything into one tune."

Jibberdee - Slowpoke (Original Mix)
"Great hoover-thing and the stop. We like stops! The rest was a bit confusing. If we would have done this it would have gone straight into the hard part."

Jakkothereal - Here I Come (Original Mix)
"Detroity techno vibe going on here. We like old school, but we could never play it. Seems to be a lot going on in the end of the track, maybe try to focus on one or at least a few things…"

Jacob Van Hage - Synthomanic (Non Vocal Mix)
"Good stumpy groove. Boring in a good way. Music for marching. We could probably play this."

"Great harmonies and nice sounds. Would work perfect in the summer. Hence the title, we think. The melody is not needed. It destroys the groove. A vocal would have been better."

Drunk High
"Less treble and more bass. Couldn't focus on the track because it was so strange EQ:ed."

Dj King MD aka Ian Pareez - Funky Beat
"Saxophone are banned in this studio. Sorry."

Demian & Sebastian - No Control (Luiz B Remix)
"Good production but too much going on for us. Sounds like a circus orchestra on drugs that found some synthesizers. And that is not only a good thing. We don't know."

Cop Handz - Hot Water Music
"Nice with a vocal track for a change. Not crazy about the horror film chords. We like nice harmonies. Not evil."

10.0 - Poison
"Too much craziness. Yes, too much."

Woox - Extra 300
"Good production, but no originality. Just a stab that is kind out of tune and makes us go nuts."

Wiley Webb - Dyn
"It's Dynasty. Only original tracks. AAAAAHHH!"

Viktor Hanell - Inception Wins (Original Mix)
"Not enough bass! Sounds like the kick is completely high-passed!?!?!?! Are you sitting with a way too large sub woofer?"

Venaccio - Zorn
"Love the break. It kind of promises too much almost, so when it drops it gets a little bit boring. But in general a really fat track."

Tyler Clark - Feeling It
"The melody is kind of funny in a good way! But the overall feeling of the track is that it's too flattened out and not dynamic enough. Would have been nice with a proper drop."

TEMABES - Sunrise (Original Mix)
"The chords in the break are nice and the groove is delivering. All in all a good song. It needs high-end though. As in treble. Not as in expensive stuff."

Starkin DJ - People Of The World (Original Mix)
"Major chords are always nice. But it's harder to get the song good. It easier to write in a minor key… Here the melody and chords are working good. But the production is not interesting enough."

Sequent Gem - Waste My Life Away
"We like the vocals and the melody! Great! But don't forget the limiter on the master!"

Sebastian Öhrn - Cypress (Original Mix)
"A lot of good ideas in there! Keep on producing and you'll develop your mixing skills…"

Sandy Estrada - SHIT NOIZE
"The lead get's a bit annoying in the long run. Other than a really good track."

Roche Limit - Only the Freshest Kids
"Fat bass. We like. But please no horror film chords. We can't take it."

Robaco Bossá - Voodoo Man (Original Mix)_demo
"Another track in the style of - skiddibidop-goes-accordion. We don't understand that style. Sorry. Good production though. It sounded like cheeeeese."

Pumpkin Armada - A Cyan Flash!
"Good production, but the chords get a bit annoying in the end."

NOSiRROT - Stanky Rich
"Love the idea with the vocal! Good to hear something really original! Sounds great!"

Mizaria - Pessimism
"Wow. This was different compare to all the other songs."

Man-T - Something new (original mix)
"Not something new, but like the chords a lot! They just go on and on and on and on and on and on…in a good way."

K-POFF - HighTech
"Autotune-R'n'B-dance. Not our cup of tea. We drink coffee."

Ian Massoth - Intro Mixdown
"A slow track for a change! We like. Just from hearing something different! Like the chords and the half-eerie harmonies."

Let's Go Together (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
"No remixes! Only original tracks!"

Frequent-Z - Can You?
"The sounds are not EQ:ed so they're working together. The whole thing just get's too flat."

DJ Tizi H - Impulse-
"Work more with the EQ on each sound and the levels. For example the clap doesn't sit in the mix with the other sounds. Too loud!"

Death to the throne - i only have eyes for you
"Justice goes Jackson. It's always good to have nice influences."'

Clockwork - Airflow - Original Mix
"Great track! We like the meaty bass and the harmonies."

Brainwave Station - Clockwork City
"Too much going on. The beat would have been cool if it was more stripped and simple. The vocals doesn't do anything at all to us."

Bong Bong The Fantastic - Bop Fantastique
"Like one of the slower Daft Punk-tracks. We like! Great snare drum!"

BluntGuitar - Bass (Loeb explicit mix)
"Go back and work on the lyrics. It goes "bass", "bass", "bass". It's been done before…"

blunt force assault - this is who i am
"Kind of jazzy and interesting chords/harmonies. Work on the production!"

Slurmus - Bass Farmers
"We like dubstep, but we don't play it out so we don't know if this would work?! Wobbly? Check. Deep? Check."

Arhod - Tango In Ukraine (Original Mix)
"The accordion is too much out of tune. We get headache."