Demo Listening Session... Round 2!

Just a reminder for all of you that are sending demos. We don't listen
to stuff that is released - or from an establish producer (we get a
lot of those). That is a promo. This is for demos! Other than that,
quality is high! The awards of this batch (170 demos!) goes to...

Wobbliest wobble award…goes to: Diogo Menasso - JUMP or BUMP ( Original Mix )
The evil bass award…goes to: KORCH - It gets louder
award…goes to: No Body - We Speak American
Stops-that-we-like award…goes to: Realboy - Robo Mouse
Stompiest march award…goes to: 3 Kilos - Beat My Bass
Song in a major key award…goes to: Cult Classique - Almost Everywhere
Trancy-but-not-over-the-top melody award…goes to: Damian William - Beautility
Sea sickest groove-but-on-the-right-side award…goes to: Marsbeing - The Ranch
Riff-we-like-to-whistle-to award…goes to: Seandroid - Seventeen
I-can-chop-a-vocal-and-do-it-good awards…goes to: Way I Drop

Shiko - Above
"Not our style directly, but sounds really cool. Nice hook. A bit too
much treble. The dogs outside are going crazy right now."

Adranight - No More Sun
"A lot of nice ideas in there, but needs some mixing. The sounds,
especially the lead, is a little bit all over the place. Also put a
limiter on the master!"

Afonsoamaral - Spam
"The chords are just too evil for us. We like nice harmonies!
Something transposed wrong?!?!?!"

Gerym - Ain't nobody like me
"The bass and the vocal really doesn't go together harmonically.
Really like the sound of the bass though. Maybe take on of the ideas
in the track and work with that."

The Bandit - Ask'n You 2 Dance feat French Airlines
"Great sounds, but not that original. On the other hand this is not
our style at all, so hard for us to say. Sounds as radio friendly

ATL - Autumn
"A bit too boring for us, its just too atmospheric. We like clean
stuff that hits you in the face. The lead sound is also really loud

ArnoutCramer - Audio Warp
"Got all elements there. Sounds cool. You just need to get all the
mixing done so it sounds proper, especially in the low-end. The bass
and kick sounds a bit muffled and phased out…?"

Jams Knndy - BACH!!!!
"Finally some crazy shit! But maybe there's a reason why not that many
people sample classical music - the result is a bit all over the
place. We like your cut, copy and paste ideas!"

BangYourHat - Make Some Fucking Noise
"With a title like that it gotta hit hard. We listened to the whole
track and were still waiting for a proper drop."

M'n'V - Batman Theme
"That's a remix! We want original stuff."

Cirem Lein - Be More Acid
"It's really hard to make something interesting out of acid house,
since there are so many tracks out there. This is pretty interesting,
but needs to hit harder. It feels too soft…"

3 kilos - Beat My Bass
"Really filthy. And we like that! Like the subtle use of old-school
flavors too! Just make sure you cut it 30hz and down on the bass
before playing it out unless you don't want to buy a new sound system
for the venue."

"Epic chords… Again? We're kind of tired of that unless they're
something really special. In this case they really aren't. Nice groove

Ben Sunrise - My Sex Machine
"Epic...trance. We don't play that. Nice chords and harmonies though."

Beyond - Eminence
"Sounds well produced, needs to be more compressed though. Other than
that we don't know how to react to these tranced out stuff…"

Mario Ochoa - Big Spender (Mike Dee Remix)
"NO remixes."

Etzolin - Bit Noise
"Like the harmonic thing with the piano and the chords. Not that crazy
about the actual groove. Maybe that's the idea, but it sounds as if
the hihats are muted or something…."

Blackwhited - Out of Control
"Some stomp always win our hearts. A bit too svoooshy, keep it even cleaner!"

12 inch plastic toys - Bubblegum
"We don't check stuff that is signed. That's a promo. This idea is for
demos only."

Quick attack! - Call of Azathoth
"Both the bassline and the kick are really low. They don't fit
together. You need to cut the lower frequencies in one of them,
probably the baseline."

Cedric A Farh - Masked
"Too atmospheric for us. We've said it before, stuff like this is
played in the morning, and by then we are sleeping."

Cheapers Creepers - Dyann
"All the ideas sounds pretty cool. Just needs more mixing. Doesn't
sound fat enough."

Chocolate Fingers - Bonkerz
"For a riff tune the actual riff has to be genius. This one is not
genius, but not bad either. A good track, but we're not dancing like
crazy in the studio."

CJ POGi - Cocaine Frog
"The froggy cocaine-part is way more fun than the tranced out part. We
would simplify the track and go with the frog!"

Cleep - Paying the price
"Nice chords. But not that original. The track needs a few sounds that
gives it an identity."

clubsound orgel
"Cool organ chords. Needs to hit harder. Now it sounds like a
listening track. Compare the sounds to stuff you like - mixing

Nice Lab - Crack
"The melody is too evil for us. All the sounds are there, but needs
more mixing and fixing."

Cult Classique - Almost Everywhere
"We always get's happy when someone makes a track in a major key! Not
that crazy about the actual sounds, but we love the stops and the

Da Disco Boyz - I.F.T.H
"Dutch style done ok, but not with the originality that makes the
track cuts through. Also keep the sounds cleaner, now it feels as if
there is a lot of reverb on everything."

Damian William - Beautility
"Great chords and melody! But the production just sounds a bit too
soft. We would have preferred harder sounds."

Mari Perrelli - Dancefloor
Classic electro. Nice for a change! Sounds cool, but a bit too monotone…"

Dancyn Drone Feat Eedah - Sometimes You Win
"Released. Only demos please."

Danimal - Eat it
"Raw and aggressive sounds. We like! Needs more mixing."

Darth Juicy Mix - Rave Light
"Cut the bass, it's like a party under 40Hz. Is everybody really
welcome down there?! Like the melody and chords in the break, but not
really the rest."

DJ NRS - Deadstegasaurus
"Sounds like Disney-music on crack."

Deejay Matt & DJ Out
"Released, only demos."

Detox Please - Soundcraft
"The chords just sounds wrong to us. The last chord before the
progression repeats itself sounds way out of place. We like the ideas
in the track otherwise."

Matteo Pizzitola - Digital Freedom
"All these dolphin sounds feels as if were in a time machine. We want
to look forward!"

Diogo Menasso - Jump or Bump
"Really good riff! We go crazy over a proper riff. We would go a bit
easier on the LFO to make it harder."

DJ R3bel - Dirty Sexy Nasty Bass
"Sounds like old hardcore. And way too hard limited for us."

DJ Luna - The Beast
"Way to hard limited. It sounds broken."

DJ Toast - Elsker Rave Party
"Super mario brothers trance music. Make sure you EQ the sounds so
they get some treble too. Now it's like it there was a filter on the
whole mix!"

Evgen - Do not kill me
"We would chose one or two sounds to put the reverb on. Now it's just
a damp wet mess."

Don't Care - ElectrikFlava
"Like the chopped up vocal, the bass sounds thin. The whole track is
just a big kickdrum!?"

Kamil - E-Lector
"If we would get one dollar for every Deadmau5-influenced track in
this batch, we would be out eating a nice expensive steak by now. That
said, it's not bad at all. But it needs to be more original."

Egoism vs Electrolight - Nuclear Division
"We love the arpeggio! Take that and make the track simpler. Now
there's just to many ideas in one track."

El Neco - Birth
"Nice stops!"

"The track is called electro, but not as we know it…"

Elliki - KiwiFace
"Sounds like one simple drum loop with a crazy jam on top."

Empire in Peril
"Another Deadmau5-inspired track. That's what we're saying when we're
nice and not calling it a ripoff. Like other Deadmau5-clones it sounds
cool, but not original enough."

Energy (Don't stop the love) - Astro Bros
"Kickdrum needs to be heavier. Other than that a bit too cheesy for
us. Lower the shaker sound."

Energy - Niklas Krautz
"Finally some new sounds! We like the groove and the sounds even
though we never would be able to play this…"

Entrance - Output
"Kick could be hitting harder. Other than that, we can't say that much
about this kind of trance."

Equinix - Nebula
"Bass sounds great. We also love the pitchblende chords. The rest
doesn't do it for us."

Moontouch - Evil Girls
"Too evil for us. The kick and the bass line doesn't work together
now, needs more mixing."

Dj Abunai - Fly Swatters
"Separate the sounds, the whole mix doesn't sound finish."

One Eyed Unicorn - fmelt.
"The bass and the kick sounds huge, but the piano doesn't really fit.
Sounds small and too nice."

Jasper - Fubar
"Some good ideas in there, but practice on mixing by comparing your
tracks with finished/released."

Fuck Detroit
"Too evil for us. We like nicer melodies."

Garillah Abslide - Take You Out
"Sounds like radio pop, but to make it to the radio it need to better mixed."

CeasarSoundSystem - Girls with Guns
"The drum sounds a bit uninspiring…"

gLAdiator Music
"All the parts are there. Except the melody/chords, it destroys the
feeling of the track."

Haibert - Dirty Qwerty
"A good dutch style track. But it's been done before in more interesting ways."

Hela Vox
"If you're gonna have a vocal track, it needs to be better mixed and
fronted in the track. We can't hear it."

A.A.A. - I Can't Stop
"Spaced out in a good way. We could never play this, but we like it!"

Rob Cho - I can't let go
"We really like the ideas, especially how they use the vocal, but we
would make the groove more simple."

Bonchanoize - I Viddy You
"We like the rhythm, but it seems like something is missing. Some
sound, not sure what."

Leonid Miller - I'll Be Good
"Production sounds great. We don't play this kind of music so not sure
what to say other than that?!"

Gorillas on drums - I'm not your boyfriend (Please don't touch me)
"All the sounds and ideas are great. The mix is a bit harsh…."

Dj Dimez - Ibiza Nights
"We like the sounds when deeper bass and kick is more or less by
themselves. With all the other parts it sounds a bit too crazy."

Igor B - Heart Beat
"The sounds and the production are good. The melody sounds annoying.
And for us: not in a good way…"

Matthew Burke - improv f blues
"OK, a blues improvisation on piano? Finally! It's not Thelonius Monk though."

StanV - Infectionista
"Nice chords and good drive. Could use more bass."

Volume One - Inside Me
"The chords sounds broken, but not in a good way… Try to make them cleaner."

Korch - It Get's Louder
"Really good riff. Reminds us of dirty french stuff."

Dert Cheep & Mark One - It's time
"The sounds need to be fatter."

Jakkothereal - Here I Come
"A little bit of old school flavor, but not too much. At least not for us!"

Javi - Some Chordz
"Not just some chords, too many…at the same time."

Keep Moving Forward
"A little bit too many ideas in there."

Koko Inde - The Broken Trumpet
"A weird track. Good weird! We love the trumpet sound."

Lasse Sundberg - Epic
"Really love the chords. We don't like the breaks parts, but that's just us."

Brian Charles - LAX2BKK
"It's too hard compressed at mastering. The bass and the kick don't
work together now, needs to be separated."

LB - Don't Fuck With Me
"The tracks like it's supposed to sound hard, but the chords in the
back say something else."

KoalaAttack feat Danny J Player - Let's Bash
"Too much happening at the same time. Also, the hoover sound is to bright."

Patch Werk - Linear
"We really like the squeaky sawtooth bass, but together with bleeps it
gets a bit messy."

LMR - Beginning
"It's so much reverb on everything that it sounds muddy."

Ades Vapor - Madness
"Really well produced, but not that original."

Nifty Fine - Maiden Flight
"Spaced out dude."

Marcus Gauntlett and Matt Paynter - Heat Control
"Sounds really good produced, but also like a lot of other tracks out there."

Marsbeing - The Ranch
"We love the riff. It sounds strange - but in a good way - together
with the chords!"

Matroda - Lectro Floor
"Mean and evil. We like! Aggressive bass! If you put a multiband on
the master (not saying you did) make sure the lowest frequencies are
cut out."

Menez - 5 am
"Too spaced out for us."

mini dzek
"Less reverb please."

Tyler Clark - No Less
"The bass and kick needs to be separated with EQ:s. Now it's all over
the place!"

No more drama
"For a groove tune like this, we prefer when the track take one groove
and explore it…"

The Boarder Goes Nuts - We Don't Know
"We like the sampled piano stab. The rest sounds a bit all over the place."

GJ - Nutkicker
"Really nice drive in the track. Practice on mixing! Compare it with
other tracks…"

Svendetta - Oh Hey
"We love the aggressive bass when it drops the first time, the trance
chords really doesn't add anything."

No body - Omega
"Really good produced. Maybe a bit too nice. We would love some
aggressive stops at some places in the track."

Orlow - Aloud
"We love the melody/riff. And the rest too!"

DJ Allure - Panamo
"Good drive in the track."

Fareoh & Joakim Jarleen - Pastel
"We like the chords and the stops. Nice strings too. It screams Pryda
all over it!"

Photik - A Pretty Name
"A trance track."

Henrik - Progdown
"We're not sure if we're drunk or if you're crazy, but it sounds good."

Rayray-Annie (Anne Frank)
"We like the bell sound and melody, but the vocal sample destroys the
feeling completely!"

Wave'o'Tronic - Red Galaxy
"We don't get the structure… Try to make it clearer."

Aditya Daniela Manchala - Red Sky
"Nice riff and stops! The drum sounds sound a bit old though."

Realboy - Robo Mouse
"Nice break and aggressive drive. We like!"

RockaHouse - Jallah!
"It sounds really good and we like all the different ideas in there.
Sounds like a mashup of some different Afrojack tracks."

Rokas m - Not Happy
"A little bit of white noise is good, but when you slab it all over
the track it's like destroying a nice meal with ketchup."

Rolla - Superfella
"The arpeggio-idea and the distorted riff are cool by themselves but
they really don't work together. It just gets too messy!"

Ropuu Boy'Z - Sikuanza (Original Mix)
"Evil and aggressive bass. Just as we like them! Maybe just try to
separate the kick and the bass a tiny bit and it would hit even

Route 6T6 (Original Mix) - Genesis ft. Caesper
"Nice chord progression. The whole production is too soft now…drums,
well everything, needs to hit harder! And for us 9:53 minutes is
almost a full EP… We would work on the structure to make it more

Savas Hastoulakis - Pejula

NOSiRROT - Savor The Moment Ft. Hendrick
"It sounds as all percussions and hihats are muted? Maybe it's suppose
to be like that, but for us it just sounds too straight and simple.
Nice happy chords though!"

Seandroid - Seventeen
"Really good riff melody! And really good production and sound. The
only thing we didn't like was the structure of the track. It's over 8
minutes! If we would play it the first thing we would do is to cut it
down to the essentials…"

Sensur - Har du ikke Lokus
"The idea is fun but it's just a little to crazy. Don't push the
master so hard it gets distorted in a bad way."

Maria Eight'A - Seven Heaven
"Feels like something is missing, the bass?"

Shake Style Project-Chasing a Dream (Radio Cut)
"The atmospheric synth is a bit simple sound wise, make it more
interesting. It's also a bit too much high frequencies going on 16k

Shaun Ellis - Trash For Sale
"Simplify and you have a good track. Now it feels like it's two tracks
playing at once. Try separating the sounds so it doesn't get muddy"

Simo T & Paris FZ ft. Chrissy - Dancing Alone (Extended)
"Skillful and slick production, you got it there! Not fan of the
actual song, sounds like hundred other tracks."

Skylined - Be Together
"Nice with a track that dares to do something new and different, and
as before we always give extra points for harmony in major keys"

V.G. Slap (Electro Mix)
"The piano just doesn't fit the track. The bass etc is kinnda cool,
the piano just destroys the feeling"

Paradice - Sneak
"Too much chaos for us. Check your levels, some sound are just too loud"

Snowstruck - Granite Tail
"All the parts are there, just need to structure them wisely. For
example the vocal was a bit too much of a surprise. Just some minor
mixing and you got a great track"

The Post Revivals - Soft
"Nice harmonies going on there, too soft for our taste. But that's
probably the idea"

Giorgi Kuiper - Space Bass
"The sounds and the bass sounds great, but the structure is too
strange. Try to make it simple to make it effective. Also, what's up
with the water pouring sound in the beginning?"

Seb Rodrigues - Spectrum
"Nice stops and good harmonies. You need to work on the production"

Steffan - Twisted
"It sounds like it should, for us the idea with the long atmospheric
chords is a bit boring."

JD Marlon - Strange Nonsense (With Some Screams)
"You can hear that the track wants to be aggressive but it's not
delivering that. Just try to make it hit harder"

Supreme Holistic - Zippy (Original Mix)
"Sidechaining is essential for this kind of track, make sure you have
the release time set to groove with the track. Now it's sounds a bit
over the top"

Palomar Airport - Sweet Tooth (Original Mix)
The chords are very good by themselves. But when you add the second
lead on it, you lost us. Make it simpler"

T®@P - Phase 2
"The kick is pitched down tooooo low, the body is down at 30-40 Hz."

THB - Into The Blue (Intro Mix)
"Structure is a bit all over the place. Maybe just one break and make
that one really effective"

Aki Nair & Hez - Therapy
"It's hard to grasp the track since it's so much going on. Choose one
or two ideas to center the track around."

Temabes - Time To Run
The big chords and melody synths need to fit the rest of the track.
Get it in there with some EQ and compression"

DallasK -Tonight
"Really like the groove and the drive in the track, simple but
interesting. Maybe try to make the synth sit a little bit better with
the drums and bass, now it sounds a bit far away"

Viktor Hanell & Arvid Rosberg - Sentence (Club Mix)
"Like the chords. When it comes to the production it's a bit bass
heavy and lacking some treble."

Supapiet - Wait for her (Original Mix)
"Nice harmony, maybe work more with sidechain of the compressor. It's
sound a bit flat now."

Way I Drop
"Love the vocal sample and the way you play with it. Good chords. A
bit to crazy for us when it drops, we like it stumpy and simple"

No body - We Speak American
"Sounds really great, good driving idea. One thing that we didn't
like, the small reverb on everything or it is it the stereo widener
that gone bad? The result of it anyway is a bit annoying. But a great

Th0r - Weasel
"Goingy melody always win our heart. This one was really good.
Simplify the structure"

Evan Stanley Jones - WHAAAT!
"The idea with the vocal sample is nice, but when you use all over the
track it get's a bit annoying"

Wiiw - Valkaan
"The harmony is fine. We usually don't say this but think about adding
some swoosh and noise to enhance the tension"

Marcaleksei - Withoutshoes
"We really like the chords in the beginning but with all the other
stuff on top of it, it just gets a bit too much"

DJ I.AM - Wo'dKa
"The over all sound of the track is a bit out of phase. Do you have a
stereo widener o similar effect? It's pushed to hard."

DJ Taz - WuzOO (Feat. HaibertDude)
"Over all a really good dutch style track. Nothing to add. To make it
a little bit better, try separating the sounds a bit."

Manitix - 2BY4
"The hoover sounds like it's in a closet but not in a good way. Maybe
let it out?"

Arma - Dance Like Crazy (Demo)
"46sec. Send us full track"

Hollidayrain - 3.0 (Original Mix)
"The kick and bass need to play with each other (frequency wise), the
treble sounds really nice"

"Is it a full track?"